Fârnhäan, nonsense that makes sense

Fârnhäan is as 2017 does.

SafeAuto is always on the lookout for breakthrough, given that they are outspent by their competition. No matter what though, SafeAuto has to compete in the same cross-channel, multi-touchpoint environment as everyone else.

Enter Fârnhäan, the dark ‘yin’ to SafeAuto’s bright, sensible ‘yang’. Fârnhäan are a repository for all the things that haven’t quite sounded right and a contextual social component for SafeAuto’s Makes Sense campaign to push against, shining by comparison.

Fârnhäan opined across dozens of executions that ran the gamut from Instagram, to Connected TV, to OOH, to National television, to display, to a website — planned for, quantity/quality cross-channel content. The future is Fârnhäan.

Watch the case study

Drivetime Fârnhäan

Fârnhäan express themselves through radio on Tech Horizon, a drivetime tech “radio show” that features the latest in hi-tech gadgets and innovations. A platform that allows Fârnhäan’s unique grasp of space and time the freedom to run free in the theater of your mind.


Digital Billboard and Display

Fârnhäan has something contextual to say in whatever channel they find themselves.
Across the interwebs, through mobile devices, all the way to across the street from where the Cleveland Indians play.