Let’s bank on each other

Let's bank on each other

An arguably counter-intuitive message from a credit union, but we saw it as a brand promise A+ was especially built to deliver. After all, what’s more co-op than counting on one another?

Most consumers think of CUs as friendlier but less accessible, understandable, comprehensive and convenient than a bank. We highlighted A+’s local ease of doing business, while repositioning their ‘teacher’s co-op’ origin story into a modern common sense approach to financial guidance. From there we rebuilt an approachable, capable brand that gets what people need financially.

Quantitative research with existing customers and a large sample of younger desired customer demo(25-44) (n=600) yielded the following results:

80% of the younger target audience liked, or liked very much, the foundation of  “Let’s bank on each other.” And 82% of current members agreed. 77% of the younger audience indicated that they would investigate and consider A+ for their financial needs based on the “Let’s bank on each other” content. 72% of current members agreed. 97% of the new target audience found the headlines in the campaign to be motivating to learn more about A+ and 98% of current members agreed.