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Your brand’s benefit Is your true value

It’s what makes you the most valuable to the right people.

It’s what is interesting to the customers, employees, and the partners you have today and all the ones who will embrace you tomorrow. 

It’s what the world would miss if you were gone.


the consistent message THAT you can build a brand future on.

The resonant statement that sums up your value that works in all channels, from t-shirts, to tweets, to Super Bowl spots. 

Build it with 2 to 8 words everyone can
understand and believe. Make them a rallying cry for the people who care about you. 

Make that rallying cry interesting.



Your true voice is unmistakably you.
True, consistent, relevant and interesting.

Meet your customer where they are with true and interesting value and the right people will want to hear more from you.


Invest in interesting.


To reach interested people, a brand has to be interesting in and of itself and also have the resources to meet people where they are.

If your brand Voice and Platform are not interesting and valuable enough to be worth investing in, then your brand is throwing its media dollars away.

If your brand Voice and Platform are interesting and valuable and you are not investing in the the right or enough media channels you are throwing your brand story away.

A story untold reaches no one.

A story untold reaches no one.

Never miss an opportunity to engage.

Never miss an opportunity to engage.

Brand’s need an interesting voice and a messaging platform worth investing in.

Brand’s need an interesting voice and a messaging platform worth investing in.


The quickest route to creating interesting content:


1. Remove as many layers as possible.

2. Challenge convention:
    Who really needs to be involved? 

3. Work with multi-capable people.


Prepare for possibility.


When we shoot content in video and still form, we do it through the lens of maximum utility, application and efficacy.

Ideas start with strategy and that strategy needs to go all the way through production. When you invest money in visually representing your brand, you need a plan for the lifetime cross-channel value of those assets, to think of them in a modular and reusable way.

What is the maximum usability and portability of this image and its message? This video? Can we modify the copy and context surrounding it to keep it fresh? Is it universal enough to the brand, will it always be true, even as promotional and business needs change?


It matters because
smaller teams create
more understanding,
more attention,
more connection,
more collaboration,
more content,
more integration,
and more results.