The Terrible Quote Dept.


We created the Terrible Quotes campaign to address a “hard market” in the insurance industry – insurance rates going up across all providers due to lower gas prices which was creating a robust shopping (quoting) environment. Building off of a very successful A/B tested digital campaign, we had some fun with the relative greatness of a SafeAuto quote in comparison with the increasingly terrible quotes that out there in the world.



During the initial launch period new quotes immediately increased by 22% (YoY) while new sales jumped 26.8% . The following quarter, new quotes jumped another 43.6% while new sales increased 34.5% . As the campaign continued, new quotes grew by another 58.2% while new sales climbed by 77.3% . Those are all quotes we’ll happily hang on our wall. We have just completed our third year of this highly successful campaign.


“Snackable Content”

Is a pretty terrible quote in it’s own right, but the true benefit of this campaign comes through in its portability, extendability and usability. We created terrible quotes of various lengths for all media platforms, from Instagram, to in-app, to pre-roll, to Hulu intros, to broadcast.